Kauai Recommendations!

I’ll be staying in the Poipu area … anyone have any hot tips for me?

Jonah Ray has plenty of irons in the comedy fire: an important part of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist empire, he’s a contributor to that podcast; he co-hosts, with Kumail Nanjiani, The Meltdown, a weekly comedy night; he’s a writer and producer on the G4 show Web Soup; he maintains his blog AND he pops in at various comedy shows around LA to make people laugh. He very kindly took the time to answer our questions about what he’d bring to LA from his home state Hawaii, where he goes for fun when he’s on tour, and where you might find him out on a special night with his lady.

Since you’re out doing comedy many nights of the week, you’re familiar with LA’s rare late-night options. What’s an after-hours spot where the comedy folk can be found?
A comic’s late night options for food are even more limited since it’s pretty much a necessity for booze to be involved. That night’s performance might be in need of a celebratory shot. Or, sometimes, a consolation pint if the show was less than favorable. Public House in Los Feliz has become the late Monday night post Tiger Lily show hang out for comics. They have drinks as well as a kitchen that’s open late … not to say that the food is any good, but at that point, who cares.

What are two things Oahu has that LA’s lacking?
It’s hard to find a place that’s just like being in Hawaii out here in LA. The closest you can get is one specific location of L&L BBQ on York near Eagle Rock Boulevard. They have more of a “Local Kine” selection than any other plate lunch place. They sell not only plate lunch but also haupia, malasadas, Portuguese sausage/eggs and rice, kim chee, and sometimes even poi.  LA also needs a quality shave ice place.

And what two things would you bring from LA back to the island?
I would bring things to do, and the swordfish burrito from Baja Fish in San Pedro. Because Hawaii has a lack of things to do and a lack of any good Mexican food.

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