Bill Ward of STrib: You’ve regularly made an analogy between Alice Waters and Pol Pot or the Khmer Rouge. Could you elaborate a bit on that?
Anthony Bourdain: Yeah, maybe Pol Pot is a little over the top. I mean, I am a fan of hyperbole. I agree with the message; I just think she’s just really an awful messenger. There was a recent article talking to her about In- and Out- burger. And she goes, ‘Yeah, it may be good.’ I mean, by fast-food standards, even [‘Fast Food Nation’ author] Eric Schlosser thinks they’re wonderful. So given the opportunity to say something nice about it, she says ‘Well, they’re just not authentic. I’d much rather eat some street food in Sicily.’ Well who wouldn’t? She just puts her foot in her mouth in the most egregious ways. She’s very good at preaching to the choir. But unintentionally she ticks off people who would otherwise, I think, agree at least in principle with what she’s talking about. ‘Alice World,’ I want the world to look like that, too. She just says some of the most shockingly insensitive, elitist-sounding, pompous stuff that’s bound to just alienate people. It’s like, if you want the world to look like what Alice wants it to look like, winning hearts and minds, I think she’s her own worst enemy.

I’ve never been so thrilled - Anthony Bourdain called out Alice Waters for the exact same thing that I did. Call me, Tony!