Taco Zone Update

By coincidence I was there last night.

They were indeed hit by Molotov cocktails Friday night. Insanity.

I guess the idiots who did it didn’t have very good aim, thank god, because the truck wasn’t damaged too, too badly, and it’s in full operation.

Some of the womens’ guy friends have volunteered as security, so if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice the big trucks with guys in Navy shirts parked around Taco Zone, plus dudes hanging at the perimeter.

(I wonder if the police were even alerted, though?)

Taco Zone’s owners suspect it was done by a competitor, or, more likely, a gang that felt they hadn’t been paid their dues in protection money. (Sheesh, there really are two Echo Parks.)

Anyway, go show some love. Even if you’re not hungry…the horchata is the best in the city.